Great life because of a great wife

This is an excerpt from the husband of Caitlin.

After a long day of taking care of 3 kids and a husband who has the flu, while sleeping only 3 hours, my hard working and ever amazing wife decided to sit down and start this blog. I hope and pray it becomes everything she dreams of it and that God blesses her life, as well as everyone who she connects with through it.

Ulta Haul and Update!

Happy Tuesday!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted a blog. Unfortunately, I can not go into great detail, but the auto accident that my family and I were in turned my immediate life upside down. The good news is that I am finally starting to feel motivation to write again and our family is getting ready to take a road trip and move forward! I will be attempting to post blogs while we are driving as I will have a lot of time to write ūüėä

Back to this blog, I have an Ulta Haul for everyone (as the title states). Make-up products continue to come out and I am excited about all the new launches. I am unable to purchase everything, but it’s exciting to just go to Ulta, look around, swatch and have fun. As a mom, it’s a nice place to get away, even if it’s only for an hour. I have been able to try these products for some time and will tell you how I think they preform. With some of these products, I will provide a more in-depth review in a future blog post.

Here are the products I purchased:

  1.  Ecotools Daily Defined Eye Brush Set РI have truly enjoyed these brushes. They are soft and make my eye shadows easy to blend. They wash easily and I have not noticed any of the bristles falling out or any sort of shedding. I would 100% recommend this brush set. The only issue that I wanted to mention was that I only viewed a picture of this brush set before ordering it online. Two of the brushes that I thought would be crease brushes ended up being larger than I thought they would be. Instead of using them for crease work, I used one of them to set my eyeshadow primer and another to deepen the outer edges of my looks. I hope this makes sense. Just something to keep in mind when looking at buying this item.
  2. Ulta Beauty Cotton Pads – This item is fairly basic and self explanatory. These were extremely affordable and work great with micellar water to take my eye make-up off.
  3. Tarte Shape Tape – This product is a repurchase for me. I absolutely love it and think it is worth all of the hype. I do not use this every day, but it is a great concealer that lasts all day. When my under eyes feel dry, I do place an oil underneath the Tarte Shape Tape and this keeps my under eye from looking too dry. I will continue to buy this product.
  4. Ecotools Total Perfecting Blender – This is another repurchase item. I have owned this in the past and have enjoyed this sponge. At this current time, I use it to set my concealer and smile lines with loose powder. It is also good to blend foundation into the skin and provides a seamless finish.
  5. Elf Tapered Brush – This brush is soft and washes well. I have tried for setting my under eyes and I am not sure how I feel about it for that use. I usually set my under eyes with my sponge, but wanted to try something new. I will continue to play around with this method and provide an update. I also have used this product to wipe away bake and apply my contour, which I have loved. Still worth my purchase.
  6. Wet N Wild Eye Shadow Palate in Not a Basic Peach – For the price of these eye shadows, they are great and can provide a wonderful look. The lasting power has been great for me and I enjoy using it for every day looks.
  7. Estee Lauder Keep Glowing with Powerful Protection 24-Hour Hydration Kit – I have really been playing around with my skincare because my skin has broken out majorly since I have stopped nursing my youngest daughter. While I still continue to have breakouts, I have loved using this kit! This kit did not cause any additional breakouts and it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. One of them items included a make-up remover products, which is not totally necessary, but the rest of the kit is absolutely amazing!
  8. Hask Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner – My husband and I have truly enjoyed this shampoo and conditioner. My hair can get fairly oily in the afternoon if I use too much product or use a heavy conditioner. You only need a small amount of each product and it provides hydration without a lot of weight to it. Plus this product smells amazing!
  9. Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palate – This was my favorite new item that I purchased in this haul. It is a warm toned palate that has neutral shades, two shimmer shades and two pops of colors. There are so many looks that you can create and all the shadows are easy to blend. I plan to do a further review of this palate and provide swatches and descriptions of looks you can create. I am happy that I purchased this palate and have enjoyed seeing this brand expand. This brand plans to release another palate this summer called the Lemonade Palate. I hope to buy this product soon after it launches.

These were all the products that I purchased. In this haul, there were not any products that I regretted buying or returned to the store. I look forward to continuing to play with all of these products. Now I want to know if anyone has enjoyed playing with any new products. Any suggestions for further products to try?

I hope everyone continues to have a great week and until next time…

Top Tips and Tricks for Disneyworld Trips!

Disneyworld is an amazing family vacation! There are so many different areas to explore, places to stay, and restaurants to eat at. Each trip is guaranteed to be a magical trip. While there are so many options and choices you can make, there are several different items I would suggest you take advantage of in order to get the most out of your trip. Planning this trip can be overwhelming and I wish I would have done more research going into my first trip. I will go into detail with each tip and please don’t hesitate¬† to let me know if you have any questions.

  • Utilize the complete Disney packages through the website or through a travel agent: Disneyworld is a big vacation all on it’s own. There are so many activities and place to see once you are there, that you really won’t have a chance to visit other places in Florida, unless you are doing a long and extensive vacation. When you are booking through the Disney website, they help you plan all parts of your vacation and this makes it so much easier. There are different hotels based on price range, food packages based on what types of meals you plan on having, and plenty of airfare options. If you choose to go through a travel agent, they can help you with these same areas, but will also find good deals for different upgrades. This is nice because it makes budgeting and planning for your vacation easier. In addition, Disney will send you reminders for when you are able to make reservations for different restaurants and when you can start the process for Fast Passes.
  • Let Pin Trading become your new favorite hobby: On my first trip to Disneyworld, my husband and I learned about pin trading. We bought pins through the park and worked with the Disney staff to find unique pins that we could trade for. It was a blast while we were moving from ride to ride or just wanted to do something fun during the day. This was also something that we could do at Disneyland as well. What we learned through this though was that it was cheaper for us to buy the pins through Ebay or Amazon before we went.
  • Share your meal so that you can use your dining plan for character dining: My husband and I figured out that we enjoyed sharing most of our meals and snacks so that we could try more food throughout the day. Due to this, we had leftover meals that we were able to use for a character dining meal and the extra meals covered the extra cost! We never felt like we were starving and it gave us the ability to try a wide variety of foods!
  • Use your refillable mug for water in the parks: When you sign up for a dining package, you get a refillable cup to use throughout your stay. Now the free refills were only able to be used at the hotels, but we would take them into the park for water. This made it super simple to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Plan your reservations and fast passes in advance. Like I stated earlier, Disney will send you e-mail reminders about when you are able to do these things, but make sure not to ignore it! Restaurant reservations fill up quickly and you want to make sure you have the ability to go to the restaurants you want to go to. Planning your fast passes will also make the start of your days that much easier. It will be one less thing you have to think about.
  • Download the Disneyworld App before you leave for your vacation: This app will give you all the information you need to know about ride wait times, photopasses, restaurant reservations and so much more. We used this app every day and made it easier to know what we wanted to next or look up information if we forgot something. Also, make sure to play with the app before you leave so that you are familiar with it.
  • Make your trip a good amount of time: Disneyworld can not be done in three days or less, even four is cutting it really close. Disneyworld offers four parks, two water parks, Downtown Disney, and entertainment at each hotel. Our first trip was a total of ten days, but we only had tickets for eight of those ten days. We left this trip unable to see everything that Disneyworld had to offer, but we didn’t feel rushed through our vacation or feel like we had to cut things out that we wanted to see. Trying to do this trip in less than three days would make you feel rushed and make it less enjoyable.
  • Bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes: Disneyworld is gigantic and your days will be long! Trying to wear flip flops or flats through the whole trip will leave your feet in pain. You don’t want to spend your trip fussing about what you are wearing or worrying about how uncomfortable you are. You want to do everything possible to make your trip carefree and as magical as possible ūüôā
  • And my last tip for this post, don’t be afraid to take nap breaks: Like I had stated in my previous tip, your days are going to be long. The parks open early and close late, with the exception of Animal Kingdom. Getting rest will only make your trip more enjoyable and keep you from being completely exhausted.

Now I could have written other tips as well, but I felt like these were the most important areas of advice I had to give. Each trip for each family will be different and special in its own way. There’s no reason to over plan and your trip will still be amazing even if you don’t use each tip! Also keep in mind that these tips won’t be the same if you are a Disneyworld Season Passholder. Do you have any tips for future Disneyworld travelers? I would love to read about your favorite tips or tricks for an amazing trip!

Until next time…

Generation Beauty Goodie Bag

It’s finally that time to go over what I received in my goodie bag at Ipsy Generation Beauty. It has been some time since I went to this event, so I have had a chance to try some of the products. I have not been able to test them all because I do not wear make-up on a daily basis. I did my best to split the products into different categories, but I believe there is a random one. Just for a warning, this post will be a little long, so grab a drink, a snack and ENJOY!

Lip Products:

  1. Katy Kat Gloss in the shade¬†Cantaloupe¬†– I have yet to try this product, but it smells like vanilla.¬†It’s a nude color with tiny little sparkles. I look forward to testing out the formula.
  2. MAC Frost Lipstick in the shade Costa Chic – This lipstick is a very bright shade of pink. Upon initially looking at this color, I was very intimated but I have ended up loving this product! The formula is great and long wearing. It does not feather or move around on the lips. I used this product going to Disneyland and truly enjoyed it.
  3. IBY Beauty Velour Liquid Lips in the shade Naked – I have not tried this liquid lip yet, but it is a beautiful nude color. The only downside that I can see about this lip product so far is that it does not smell good! It smells like chemicals. Hopefully that scent does not last for a long period of time.
  4. Bellapierre Lipstick in the shade Ruby – I have tried this lipstick once on the way to Disneyland. It was comfortable and a beautiful red, but it began to bleed within 10 minutes of having it on my lips. I took this off and replaced it with another product. I am willing to try this product again with a lipliner to see if I can get it to work.
  5. Laritzy Cosmetics Lip Pencil in the shade Beau – This is a pretty rusty red shade. When I swatch it, it feels creamy and comfortable on my hand. This shade doesn’t go with the lipstick I listed above, but I am excited to try it with other products.
  6. Dirty Little Secret Lip Gloss in the shade vampy – This product smells like vanilla and is a dark wine shade of lip gloss. It feels light weight. My daughter wanted to try this shade ūüôā It is a nice wash of color, easy to apply and does not appear sticky.
  7. Essence Lipstick in the shade Cool Nude #5 – The product smells like a typical lipstick, but it is not overpowering in any way. It’s a cool-toned nude and very beautiful. I will be able to get a lot of use out of this product.
  8. Note Cosmetics Hydra Color Lipgloss in the shade #13 Fiesta – This is a nice coral shade with small little sparkles. The gloss smells like vanilla. The product has argan oil and cocoa butter, so it is very healthy for your lips.
  9. IBY Beauty Velour Liquid Lips in the shade flirt – This is a lighter nude than the previous IBY product I had listed. It has the same scent and I am still worried that the scent will not go away. I will let you know any updates as I have them.

Face Masks and Sheet Masks

I have listed the masks below, but thought I would take a second to say my thoughts as I have only tried two of these masks. The ones that I have tried were the Vitamin C mask and charcoal mask from Derma-E. Out of these two masks, I enjoyed the charcoal mask. My skin felt extremely soft afterwards. I look forward to trying the rest of these masks and finding some new favorites.

  1. The Creme Shop Matcha Green Tea Face Mask
  2. Derma E Variety Pack – This included a Firming Magnetic Clay Mask, Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask and Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.
  3. Beauty Infusion Revitalizing Peel-off Mask
  4. Lancome Paris Hydrogel Melting Mask
  5. Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask

Face and Eye Shadow Products

  1. Maybelline City Mini Palette in Urban Jungle РI have yet to try this product. At first glance, a few of the shades have glitter, so I plan on purchasing a glitter glue to help with fall-out and enhance the look. I am hopefully that the glitter glue will allow this to be an amazing palette.
  2. Physician’s Formula Butter Highlighter in the shade Pearl – I have not had a chance to try this product yet because I have added several new highlighters to my collection. I have heard mixed¬†reviews¬†on this¬†highlighter¬†but look forward to developing¬†my¬†own thoughts.
  3. The Balm Eye Shadow in the shade Willkommen – There is not much to say about this eye shadow. I was disappointed that this product was a small pan size and didn’t come with another eye shadow to pair with it and make a look out of it. With that said, the shadow is creamy and easily blendable. I have used it in my outer corner to provide¬†dimension¬†to my looks.
  4. IBY Beauty Radiant Glow Highlighter in the shade 24K Magic РI love this highlighter. It provides you a glow from within that is a light pinker shade. The shade can also be built up to be a little more blinding. I have truly enjoyed this product.
  5. Pixi by Petra Liquid Fairy Lights in the shade SunRay РI am so happy that I received a product like this. The Pixi staff member explained that these glitter shadows are like the Stila Glitter Shadows, which are very hyped on social media. The swatches were so beautiful that I bought two more, which I will list below. These are stunning and wore beautifully through the day. It makes me a little more anxious to try the Stila version of these. I have also heard that Milani is coming out with a similar product.
  6. The Balm Girls Getaway Blush Trio – The shades are Balm Springs, Balm Beach and Balm Desert. This is another product that I love! It has the perfect pigmentation that allows you to get a nice wash of color. These colors can also be built up if you like your blushes to be a little more intense. In addition, it lasts very well throughout the day. I would highly recommend this product.

Liners, Lashes and Brows

  1. Eylure #116 Lashes – I did try these lashes once because I misplaced them and they were the first set of lashes I had ever tried. They were pretty, but very subtle on my eyes. They were easy to apply and the band was easy to manipulate. This did make me curious to try other lashes that were a little more bold and fluffy.
  2. Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen – I received two of these eyeliners. I have tried them and enjoy the formula. They are creamy and easy to glide on. It lasted all day and did not smear onto my lower lash line. I truly look forward to using this product on other make-up looks.
  3. Pop Beauty Kajal Pen – Have not yet been able to try or swatch this eyeliner. I am trying to move through things one step at a time and make sure that the product lasts for a long time.
  4. Essence Eyeliner Pen – I have not tried this eyeliner pen yet. I did look up the reviews on this product on the Ulta website. The ratings were low, but I will still give this eyeliner a shot. One review said this product dried out fast, so I will begin to use it when I run out of my Curvatude Eyeliner.
  5. Buxom Big Tease Eyebrow Mascara – Unfortunately, I still do not always do my brows so I have not tried this product either. I look forward to seeing how this product performs.


I don’t feel the need to list these brushes individually. I received one brush from MODA brushes, two from Luxie and one from IBY Beauty. I have enjoyed each and every one of these brushes. They have cleaned well and have not had any shedding.

Skincare and Primers

Skincare is one area of my beauty routine that I am currently trying to refine. When looking at all these products, it is slightly overwhelming. As I began trying some of these products, I was frustrated because the sample sizes are so small! How can you fully try a product and see if it works when it is so small? I will go ahead and list all the products with a short blurb on how I like them. Please keep in mind that skincare products are very individualized.

  1. Derma E Radiance Toner – Love! It is gentle on the skin and provides a little moisture.
  2. Too-Faced Hangover Rx Spray – I have not tried this product. This is one where I am frustrated on how small the sample size is.
  3. Eva-nye 10 in 1 Primer Spray – I have not tried this product, but it does have some big claims. Hopefully it can live up to those claims.
  4. PUR Correcting Primer – I love this primer! I felt like it held up to its claims and assisted in my foundation lasting longer throughout the day, especially on my nose. However, the sample size of this products was too small to test out for a long enough period. I would have liked to test it for a longer period of time.
  5. Pur-lisse Mud Mask – I have not tried this product. I have added so many new products to my collection, that it’s hard to test them all so quickly.
  6. Belif Hungarian Water Essence – This is a nice and lightweight product. It sinks into the skin quickly and provides some light moisture. I would not suggest this to those who have very dry skin.
  7. Pixi Glow Tonic – This is one of the brands best selling skin care. I have tried it several times and have not noticed a significant difference yet. The nice part is that it does not strip my skin and is not harsh in any way.
  8. Physician’s Formula Spotlight¬†Illuminating¬†Primer – I have only tried this product once, so I do¬†not have a set open on this product yet. The one time I used it, the product made my skin feel soft and my skin was lightly¬†illuminated. I will continue to try this¬†product.
  9. Derma-E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil – I have not used this product. I have enjoyed Derma E products in the past, so I have high hopes for this product.
  10. Grande Lash Primer – I have tried this a few times and have not seen a real difference in my lashes. The color of this product is white, but this does not show through the mascara. I have used this with a mascara I already love and I did not see a difference in length or volume.
  11. Bioderma Moisturizer – I love this product. It was light weight and sunk into my skin quickly. It was gentle and did not make my skin breakout. It provided my skin the right amount of moisture before applying a primer and foundation. I will likely repurchase this product.

Hair Products

Ok, so I will not be listing the products in this section because they show well in the photograph and I don’t really use many hair products outside of shampoo and conditioner. I plan to eventually try these but this makes me nervous because my hair gets greasey so quickly. When I have tried hair products in the past, my hair would look like a grease ball within hours. Have you guys tried any products that have worked for you? Please tell me below.

Nail Polish and Misc. Items

  1. Kokie Nail Polish – I have not tried this product yet. I used to love wearing nail polish, but then I had kids and they chip so quickly that it doesn’t feel worth it. This polish is a pretty purple and will likely use it with my next pedicure.
  2. Meg Nail Polish – This was a sample size duo that came in the bag. It was a darker purple and a neutral brown color. I have not tried this, but will try to soon.
  3. Pacifica Make-Up Remover wipes – I did not care for these wipes. They were not very damp and did not remove much make-up with one wipe. I much prefer my Kirkland Brand Wipes, which are very reasonably priced.
  4. Vital Protein Shake Mixers – To be honest, I will not be using this product. I am currently nursing my 7 month old and do not feel it’s safe to change up my rountine with these types of products. I really did not like that they put this sample in here because I feel this is very hit and miss with people. I personally do not like taking supplements or extra medicine to “enhance” what my body can do. I know other people feel differently and this is ok. Vitamins, minerals and addatives are always personal preference.

Purchased Items

While I was at Ipsy Generation Beauty, I had the ability to purchase some products at a discounted price. I was really excited about the wide variety of items I purchased and motivates to me try other products from these brands.

  1. Pixi by Petra Liquid Fairy Lights – LOVE this product! It was beautiful on the eyes and did not crease. Each color was great and I am super excited to continue to add these to my make-up looks.
  2. Bioderma Micellar Water – Love this product. I am able to remove all my make-up and it does not sting around my eyes. It does not leave an oily residue nor does it break me out. I will continue to use this product.
  3. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer – This is a beautiful highlight. Many of you might have heard about this from YouTube because this product was hyped about a year ago. It’s beautiful on my skin tone and does not emphasize any of my texture.
  4. IBY Desert Vibes Palate – This a nice palate. It is not my favorite, but it blends easily and provides some great looks. I truly just need to spend more time playing with this palate.

I know this was a long blog, but I really wanted to share all the products I received from Ipsy Generation Beauty. I feel very blessed to be able to go to the convention and was shocked about how much we received. I was only there for the first day and couldn’t believe the amount of products that each vendor had.

Life Changes

I write this blog with more of a heavy and emotional heart. It has been a couple of weeks since I have written a blog post, as I continue to heal from a major event that happened in my life. What I will be writing about is something that I need to get off my chest and is a topic I am very passionate about. I also need to note that not everyone will agree with me and that’s ok.

As we transition from teenagers into young adults, we feel that there are certain rights of passage that we go through. Some of these things would include buying your first car, going off to college or even getting your first “grown-up” job. Some of these life events center around birthdays, like buying cigarettes on your 18th birthday or going to a bar on your 21st birthday. Even a current change that is going through the country is using marijuana. But one thing that is not talked about enough are the dangers that come along with these “rights of passage,” especially when you participate in those things and then choose to drive when you are not safe to do so.

Many people experience going to a party and having a good time or “loosening up” after a long hard day at work/school. The difficult thing about these scenarios are the choices that are made afterwards. The question would seem obvious but yet so many make the mistake. Am I safe to drive? Some will think that they are so close to home that there is no need to worry or some even think that they are a better driver under the influence. These thoughts are like playing with fire. You don’t know how things are going to turn out or who you are going to affect. It takes one time, one choice, one mistake for something negative to happen. What was once just a party or a get together is now a bad memory with consequences that have to be dealt with for a lifetime.

What I am eluding to is driving under the influence. When you google DUI’s or DUI with an arrest, you get a multitude of results. What remains consistent is that many people make the choice every single year, week and day. While there are times that a person may make it home safe and sound, there are others where an event occurs. A person can get pulled over, you can hit a sign, hit a pedestrian or you can hit a car full of passengers. Not only does this event change your life, but you are changing someone else’s life. Not only do you have to leave with that mistake, but then deal with the consequences that come with the choice you made.

I know this seems random and out of nowhere and I am currently unable to provide any clarification. I hope to write about it in the future as I continue to heal and move forward. My husband has written about the experience as well. You can find his blog at http://www.disneypapaof5.com and this will be able to provide some background. Out of this experience, I have been affirmed that my family is protected by an angel and by the grace of God.

As far as my blog, I promise that more writings are coming and that I am working on getting back into the groove. I enjoy my blog as a place to write, process and move forward. I look forward to everyone reading my future content.

Until Next Time…

Another Ulta Haul!

I can’t believe it! I have another haul from Ulta! Ok, so I know that I have had a lot of haul’s lately, but my husband and I have had the opprotunity to be able to increase my make-up collection. In addition, it is the 21 Days of Beauty at Ulta and there was one item in particular that I really wanted to pick up, which was the Buxom Full On Lip Creams. Of course I picked up a few more items while I was at Ulta because it’s hard to go there for just one item! I have been trying these products for a couple of weeks and will let you know my thoughts below.

  1. Buxom Full On Lip Creams – Like I stated above, this was one item I really wanted to purchase during the 21 Days of Beauty. I purchased the shades White Russian and Rose Julep. I am obsessed with the feeling that these lip creams give you! It is a minty feeling and makes my lips feel fresh, as weird as that sounds. They are nice and glossy, plus they make my lips look juicy. I am so in love with these and I am so glad I purchased them.
  2. Wet N Wild Mega Cushion Foundation – There is a story behind this foundation of why I purchased it. Like you have read in a previous blog, I had bought the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream expecting to have this be the most amazing product. While I still enjoy it, I wanted to try something out that would last through IPSY Generation Beauty. I had been doing some research and several YouTubers had been enjoying the new Wet N Wild cushion foundation. I knew this wouldn’t be full coverage, but I was really curious. Initially, I wanted to try the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, but the Ulta that I was out did not carry LA Girl in store, so I begun to look for an alternative. I saw this foundation, was able to find my shade and they had a $1.00 off coupon. So I bought it! First thing I will say about the foundation is the shade range NEEDS to be expanded. I purchased the shade Natural Beige and it is slightly dark, but I can make it work. This was the closest shade to my skin tone. And I know that if I am struggling to find a shade, I know many other people will too, especially on either side of the spectrum (i.e. really light and really deep skin tones). So for the actual formula, I LOVE it! The coverage was perfect! It is a high medium coverage on my skin and can be built up without looking cakey. It has a luminous finish, but does not look greasy on my skin. In addition, it lasts all day long. I wore this to IPSY Generation Beauty and was really impressed with how it held up all day long. Would totally recommend if you can find shade!
  3. ColourPop Trifecta Lip Bundle – This lip bundle comes in three different shades My Jam (Ultra Glossy Lip), Reign (Ultra Satin Lip), and Knotty (Ultra Matte Lip). All these colors are fairly neutral and are beautiful on the lips. My favorites are Reign and Knotty. They last well on the lips and are very comfortable, in my opinion. My Jam is the gloss that is a gold shade with gold sparkles. It is beautiful, but isn’t super long lasting and if you are not careful, the glitters can shed to your face. I enjoy the Buxom Lips Creams more. For a more affordable option, I enjoy the NYX butter glosses.

I hope this haul was helpful and you were able to grab some good information on these products. I am hoping to pick up a couple of other items during the Ulta Sale and will let you know if I purchase any other items. I am enjoying the new products I have been picking up and I will continue to play with them. I will also be doing a blog post soon on the items that I picked up from IPSY Generation Beauty. Just as an fyi, I will have other blogs topics coming besides beauty. I have many other topic ideas! Please let me know below if you have picked up any items from the Ulta sale.

Until Next Time…

Ulta Haul Update

Hi everyone!

This is a haul update from my March 7th Ulta haul blog post. This was the first of several hauls I have been having and I am super excited to see my make-up collection grow. Below I will go over each product and my final thoughts.

  1. Maybelline Curvatude Eyeliner – This is my first liquid eyeliner that I have ever used, so I don’t have much to compare it to. This product is fairly easy to use, but the curve in the stick part of the eyeliner is something you have to get used to. The product dries down to a matt finish and it is very black. I have enjoyed using this product.
  2. Essence Mosaic and Satin Blush – These were two different blushes that I purchased at Ulta. Both of these blushes are great and last a good amount of time on the cheeks. They both blended nicely and were not patchy.
  3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer – This is a great concealer! It is not as full coverage as the Tarte Shape Tape, but it is not as drying either. It’s creamy and provides a high medium coverage for me. It lasts all day and does not crease on me. Please keep in mind that I do set my concealer. With this concealer, I like to blend it out with a beauty sponge, which provides the most seamless finish.
  4. Essence Make Me Brow – I enjoy this product and provides a nice finish to my brows. It also holds my brows in place very nicely and keeps them from getting too messy. It doesn’t make my brows crunchy either.
  5. Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter – I purchased the shade Molten Rose Gold. This highlighter sits nicely on my skin and does not emphasize any texture on my skin. You are able to build this highlighter to be blinding, but you can make it more subtle if you need it for more every day wear. It lasts on the skin all day and looks amazing in the sunlight. This would be a must purchase product for me.
  6. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream – I wanted to try a new foundation that would be good for my skin and that came highly recommended. Looking on the Ulta site, it is very highly rated and many seem to enjoy this foundation. Even some of my beauty gurus enjoy this foundation. I love that this foundation has 50 SPF and it is very comfortable on my skin. It did not sink into any of my fine lines. It provides medium coverage and feels like second skin. With that said, it was not the longest lasting foundation that I have ever used. It wears off on my chin and nose by the end of the day. When it starts to fade, it still looks pretty natural and I do enjoy this foundation. I will mostly be using this foundation on days that I know I am going to be spending a lot of time in the sun.

For me, this was a very successful Ulta Haul. I enjoyed the products I used and did not return or have major disappointments with any of the products. I would recommend any of these products to a friend. My favorite product has been the Maybellie Highlighter and I use it frequently. I would say that I don’t have a least favorite product, but I was more surprised that I wasn’t in love with the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Foundation. I expected to be over the moon about this foundation. I would still recommend to try this product, but it has not been my favorite and I have discovered that I enjoy trying foundations, so you can expect to see more foundation reviews in the future. What are products that have been surprisingly amazing for you? Has it turned into a holy grail status for you? Please let me know down below ūüôā

Until Next Time…

My Trip to Ipsy Generation Beauty

Hello Everyone!

It took me a couple of days to process this event and I realized that one blog won’t be enough. For those who are not aware, Ipsy Generation Beauty is like the LA Car Show for make-up lovers and¬†enthusiasts. The company that organized the event was Ipsy, a subscription service for sample size beauty items for ten dollars per month. Many people attend this event from creators, make-up artists and the general public. The event is held over two days and many different brands have booths displaying different products. Some brands would also give away free product while others give deep discounts. During these two days, many creators from YouTube will have meet and greets where you can take pictures with them. With the price of your ticket, you get a goodie bag with a wide variety of beauty products. While I only purchased an admission ticket, you are able to purchase add-ons to your ticket that allow you to get into a “fast pass” line, be able to enter the event an hour earlier than general admission, and participate in education sessions held by different brands. Again, all these were at an additional cost. This was my first time to an event like this and I was so excited to attend!

I begun to get ready for the first day of Ipsy Generation Beauty and took a little extra time to make sure my make-up was on point. ¬†I was looking forward to some time away from the kids to recharge, seeing what brands were there, how others did their make-up, and what beauty items came in the beauty bag. Even the car ride was relaxing. I was able to listen to my own music and sing as loud as I wanted to down the highway. I pulled up to the LA Convention Center and could not wait to see what was inside. The check-in process was longer than I anticipated because I was a little late and there was still a line going out the door. It didn’t take me too long to get my ticket and once inside, I was ready to explore.

As I walked in the double doors and was overwhelmed by how many booths that were set up. I walked around to see some of my favorite brands there. However, each booth seemed to have a long line and I was very unsure of where to start. At this point, I didn’t even know if you were just getting free products while waiting in the line or if you had to purchase products. Eventually I decided to pick a line and begin the waiting process. My first line was Bioderma, which I had never used before. It took me over 45 minutes to get through this line and it turns out that I had to pay for products. I did purchase a bottle of Bioderma, but I did get nervous that this would be what my whole day was like. My second line that I decided to wait in was Luxie Brushes. This line moved quickly and I was able to receive a free brush! This boosted my spirits and provided me the motivation to wait in other lines.

This was what ¬†the event was made of. I would move from line to line and see if the booths had giveaways and see if there were any products that I wanted to purchase. While the event didn’t seem overly crowded, there were a lot of lines and a lot of people.

There was food available at the convention center to purchase and Ipsy organized food trucks to be at the event. I can’t speak to the quality of the food trucks because I did not realize they were there until I had already purchased other food. I will go more over the food below.

The event did have an MC, who was also a YouTube creator. She would move from booth to booth announcing the different creators and performers that were there. She assisted in getting all the attendees excited about the event. The other idea was that she would entertain all those that were waiting in line and help them organize their day.

Below I have listed my top 3 pro’s and con’s of the event:


  • The Goodie Bag – The goodie bag was filled with a variety of beauty products! Some of these products were full sized and some were sample sizes. I couldn’t believe all the products that were included. I look forward to using and trying all of these products.
  • Wide Variety of Brands had Booths – My favorite brands had booths at the event. I was able to play with different products from Physician’s Formula, Pixi Beauty, MAC Cosmetics, Luxie Brushes and many more. In addition, I was able to learn about brands that I was not aware of. Most brands gave away some products so that I could see if I would be interested in purchasing more products from that line.
  • Many Different YouTube Creators – There were many meet and greats through the two days of the events. While I didn’t know all of the creators at the event, there were several that I currently watch their video’s on a regular basis. It was cool to be able to see them at the event and be able to have the option to get a photograph with them.


  • Long Lines – These lines would not always seem that long, but you would be standing there for upwards of thirty minutes. The event did offer a “fast pass” type of program, but this comes at an additional cost. For those who are unable to pay, the lines took a lot of time. Not every booth seemed very organized and some lines moved much slower than others, no matter how long they were.
  • Expensive Food – Some might not agree with me on this but for what you get, the food was expensive and just okay. I can’t speak to the food trucks, as I didn’t realize they were there until later. The food had long lines and you got little for what you paid for. It would have been cool to have some snacks there that you could munch on while you were waiting in the lines.
  • No Parking – While this is the case most of the time you head to Los Angeles, it was still frustrating. You pay a high price for the admission ticket and once you get there, you have to pay for parking. Budgeting for this event can be quite difficult because there are so many extras to pay for outside of that admission ticket.

My Final Thoughts:

I did enjoy the event and would attend again, but would do things differently the next time. The first major thing I would do is purchase the “fast pass” so that I would not have to spend so much time in the lines. I was unable to make it to participate in any meet and greets because I was dealing with all the lines from the booths. With all these lines, the event would take two days. I only went to one day because I went with my family to Disneyland on the second day, which I will write about in a different blog. ¬†It was hard to get motivated for a second day due to the amount of time you spent standing doing nothing. I would also be very interested in trying the education classes that they offered, but it was too expensive for me to attend this year. I wish that Ipsy would have provided more information prior to the event because I had no idea what to expect, but luckily there were people at the event to assist you with any questions. The last thing is that I would bring a friend along, so that you had someone to share the experience. Please let me know if you have any questions below. Has anyone else had an experience at a beauty event? Share below ūüėÄ

Until Next Time…

My Son’s First Few Weeks in Pre-School

In a previous post, I talked about struggles that my son has had with his speech. He is currently four years old and struggles to communicate with me, his dad, and his peers. In addition, he has shown some signs of Autism. Finding out this news as a parent can be very difficult and no one wants their kids to suffer in any way or form. Through our primary care physician and my son’s speech therapist, we were able to schedule an evaluation and an IEP meeting to set up a plan for my son. For those who are not aware, an IEP plan (Individualized Education Program) is the written plan that shows results from the evaluation and how the school districts plans to assist your child. This evaluation allowed our son to receive pre-school services provided by the state of California. He started pre-school approximately one month ago.

His first day of school was an exciting day for our family. Another chance to help our son be able to learn and grow in a bigger capacity.¬†Unfortunately, my husband was unable to be there for his first day of school, but Liam had support from myself and his two younger siblings. We went to the classroom and he immediately left my side to go and play in this new environment. I knew at that moment that I was more nervous than he was. Even his sister had a hard time leaving his side, as she is used to having him at home all the time. We left and went home to wait for his pick-up time. I kept looking back at the clock to make sure I wouldn’t be late. Once the time arrived for us to go get him, we hopped in the car as his sister was so very excited to see him.

We got back to the classroom and my son ran to me and gave me a huge hug! After this warm embrace, he moved on to giving his younger sister a hug. He was so excited to see her. Together, we walked back to the car and then used FaceTime to call my husband. While the conversation was brief, my son was excited to tell his dad all about his school day (even though we couldn’t understand most of it). The moment felt so surreal.

Several weeks later, my son still loves to attend school and asks to go every single day. He was approved for school 3 days per week and is working with speech therapy and occupational therapy through the school district. He has gained so many words and loves to take my husband and I through the house and point out different items. He has gained the interest of helping me cook and finds any excuse to begin talking. He has made so much progress in just one month. While I still don’t understand everything he says, I am so excited that he is feeling so empowered. We are still establishing a new routine as we continue to wait for the bus approval to go through.

In addition to the school, he still see’s a private speech therapist once per week. He asks to go see his speech therapist every day and knows her by name. He also knows how to get to her office. After the first two weeks of school, his speech therapist even noticed a great difference and could see the he enjoyed to talk. She’s excited to see what his future holds.

I still worry about what his future holds. I try to take things one day at a time and find comfort in how much he is enjoying going to school and speech. I have also realized that Autism will not stop his world, but make him a stronger human being. While each day has it’s challenges, he continues to grow and understand what is being told to him.

As his schooling continues, I will continue to give updates of his progress and milestones. I am still learning each and every day and I know that this is making me a stronger individual. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or let me know of your stories. We are here to support each other!

Until next time…

The Magic of Disneyworld

When I think about Disneyworld, I will always think about my very first trip there. This was the trip where my husband proposed to me and he did everything in his power to make it the most memorable trip of a lifetime. We spent 10 days away from home and had an adventure each and every day. Even the struggles that occurred on this trip made the story even better and more unique. I had been planning this vacation for months and little did I know that my husband had been doing the same.

My Disneyworld story begins the day we left for Florida. My husband seemed extra irritable and you could tell something was bothering him. This was easy to tell as he has always been one of the happiest people on Earth. I kept asking him what was wrong he would just keep trying to brush it off. Once we made it to our gate and I finally asked him what was going on and why he was so tense. He finally told me that he purchased a ring and it had been lost in the mail. In addition to this, he bought a temporary replacement ring and had accidentally left it at home. Now many of you might wonder why he told me, but we have always been very honest with each other; he can’t keep anything from me. I told him it didn’t matter and that this trip would still be amazing. Again, little did I know he was still working on correcting this problem.

The flight to Florida seemed endless. Like most travel, it took us all day to get to Florida and by the time we got there, all we wanted to do was shower and freshen up. We got to our hotel and realized we were a little early to check into our room, but thankful housekeeping had already gotten the room ready. I opened the door to the hotel room and I found a rose and a bracelet sitting on our bed. I began to tear-up knowing that husband was being super romantic. Later in the trip, my husband told me that was when he originally planned on starting his proposal process, but the ring was still missing in action. After I cleared my tears, we cleaned up and got ready for the rest of our Disneyworld adventures.

The trip seemed like a blur. We went on every ride we could and shopping in every single store. We also went pin trading (will touch on in another blog) and got pictures with some of Disney’s favorite characters. Oh and you can’t forget all the food we ate! During our shopping trips, I would shop for souvenirs while my husband would look for cheap alternative rings, but he was unable to ever find one.

One evening he finally received a phone call from his mother that the ring was finally sent to her house and she had already overnighted it to our hotel. He was beyond happy! He knew that his dream of proposing at Disneyworld would finally become a reality. The next morning he woke up with a phone call from the front desk that his package had been delivered. He came to me and made up some excuse to leave the room. It felt like he had left for a long while, but had returned and was ready to head to the park.

We went to the Magic Kingdom park that day and begun watching different parades and shows. After awhile, I was ready to go on some roller coasters and begin our fast passes for the day. You could tell my husband was tense and he had no interest in going on rides at that point. He took my hand and began to lead me towards Cinderella’s Wishing Well. Once we actually found it, he got down on one knee and actually proposed! The moment felt absolutely magical. Of course I said yes and waited a few moments for him to put the ring on my finger, but he continue to kneel and look straight into my eyes.¬† He had forgotten to put the ring on my finger. It made me smile because he was so nervous. Once he realized that I was waiting for the ring to be slipped onto my finger, he stood up and placed it on my hand. A family who was passing by offered to take our picture. To be honest, it took me awhile to process and have this moment sink into brain. I was actually engaged. In addition to the rings, he had gotten “Just Engaged” buttons from the hotel staff. He placed these buttons on our lanyards, where our other pins were, and the Disney staff congratulated us for the rest of our trip.

After we spent a few minutes catching our breath, we called our families and then hit the roller coasters. While waiting in line for rides, we updated our Facebook page (yes, this was still a big thing when we got engaged) and were texting other friends. It was amazing how many people reached out to us that day and let us know how excited they were for us.

Once this day passed, the rest of our vacation flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go home. I couldn’t believe it was over. The exciting part was that we came home and were able to share our memories and excitement with our family. This trip was truly magical. Our buttons and pins are now placed on our pin board as a constant reminder of how much of a special memory it was to be there. This moment was perfect and I couldn’t have pictured a better proposal story. This will forever be a memory that always remains close to my heart! What is a memory for you that will always be special?

Until Next Time…

In My Long Absence…

I write my post today, saddened that it has almost been two weeks since I have last posted. I have enjoyed what writing has brought to me during this time in my life where I am a stay at home mom. It’s been my outlet and a way to express my voice. It has even enhanced my passion for make-up. However, this comes with a learning curve of how to fit this into my schedule with my children.

My son has recently been enrolled in pre-school and has continued meeting with speech once a week. Along with this, my husband has taken the opportunity to start his own blog to tell his life stories. Juggling my duties to being a mother and wife while trying out something new is very difficult. Time can get away from you and then I have had days where I have felt little to no motivation. However, I am determined to continue writing as it brings me much joy. I have lots of new ideas to write about and have begun several new blog posts. I am so excited for the upcoming content.

I have more beauty blogs coming in the near future. As promised, I will be updating everyone on my thoughts to the recent product hauls I have done. I continue to test these products so that I can give you my final thoughts. I will also be posting about my trip this weekend to Ipsy Generation Beauty. This was a brand new experience for me and I defiantly have things that I loved about the event and things that I would change for next year. I will go through the goodie bag that we received, free items that I got at the booths I visited, and what I purchased with my own money.

In addition to beauty, I have many ideas, tips, tricks and thoughts about Disneyworld and Disneyland. I have some awesome ideas to help plan your next vacation, items you shouldn’t forget, amazing rides, and history surrounding both parks. Our family LOVES Disney and has become a passion of mine. My kids enjoy each and every trip we take to Disneyland and I love seeing the pure joy in their faces when we go.

Lastly, I will have random topics come up about wedding planning tips, stories from my life, my Faith in Christ, motherhood and whatever else inspires me. In my first post I had stated that I would post Monday/Wednesday/Friday but I have amended this for the time being. I will still try to post regularly, but I can not¬†guarantee¬†which days I will post. I need to make¬†sure my family remains my top priority. Thank you for your patience in my absence as I continue to get used to fitting a new passion of mine into my life. Let me know in the comments below if there’s any topics you would like me to discuss.

Until Next Time…